I started off really reluctant in going for therapy. I was not in denial that I needed it, but more that I did not want to deal with my problems and fears. Catharine, she changed my life. I am so thankful as with her help, I was able to overcome my biggest fears, ones that I had battled with for ongoing years. I started to look forward to my sessions as I used to leave learning so much as well as feeling happier.Throughout our 24 sessions, I suffered from a big shock and was in need of extra emergency sessions which Catharine catered to. She was brilliant and dedicated because if I had ever mentioned a saying of some sort, by a session or two after, she would have had a read on it.Catharine honestly changed my life. There are situations and day to day things that may happen now which I will recite our sessions and can notice how much I have changed...in a good way of course. I honestly recommend seeing Catherine, she is an incredible woman that deserves so much recognition and reward. I will miss our weekly sessions and feel comfortable in going back if need be.


I started seeing Catharine because I needed help. My relationship was breaking down, and I was unable to talk about the pain and depression I was feeling. I gradually opened up to Catharine during the 6 months I saw her. Her warmth made me feel safe and less 'alone', and she helped me to make necessary changes to get better. 6 months later my relationship is strong again, and I feel much more positive and relaxed about the future. I cannot recommend Catharine highly enough, and I would definitely see her again in the future if I need to.


Thank you so much for everything, it really helped me a lot. I'm feeling really good, the sessions really helped. 


Thank you so much for your support and help. You have helped my life change in so many positive ways, and helped me become more at peace with myself. 


The 10 months I spent in counselling was a great help in my life - not only with the original problem, but in general. I felt really stuck before I started counselling, and these sessions helped me overcome fears that were holding me back. I finally started actively making changes in my life. I was really happy with the way counselling went. It was great to have this time to focus on myself and to have the chance to talk about the things I needed to work on. I grew to understand my phobia better - it might not be gone yet, but thanks to counselling, it is a lot better. I came to accept it. I can't thank you enough Catharine. Your personality and attitude made it possible for me to talk about my problems. The atmosphere you created made me feel safe and I think that is one of the most important things in counselling. The positive affirmations you gave me helped a lot with my self-confidence, so once again, thank you! Thank you for everything. I'm going to miss our sessions :)


I reached out to Catharine in a desperate state. I was frightened and I was lonely. With Catharine's help, I became 'me' again! With her ongoing encouragement and support I became determined to complete my degree. I am in a really happy place, potentially the happiest I've ever been since I started suffering with anxiety and depression all those years ago. I have a degree, a job and a bright future ahead and I am a far cry from the hopeless girl who approached Catharine all those months ago. Catharine has shown me that my future can be as bright as I want it to be and that there is always someone there to pull you out of the darkness. Thank you, thank you, thank you - You're the best!