Autumnal Change by Crystal Clarity Counselling


Autumn will soon be upon us. The season brings with it many changes, and the transition from Summer, to Winter. The mornings will become crisper, and it will start feeling cold. Winter coats, gloves and scarfs will be dug out, to be worn again. The leaves on the trees change colour, and fall to the ground. Conkers fall from the trees, bringing much fun to children, who play with them. Nights will draw around sooner, with the nights being longer than the day.


With all this change happening, does it mean anything to you? Are you looking to change a part of your life, or are you struggling with some difficulties? Who can you turn to? Maybe you’ve tried speaking with friends or family members? How helpful have they been? Have they said ‘oh don’t worry, you’re ok really’, or ‘things will get better’, or maybe even, ‘oh don’t be silly, you’ve got nothing to worry about, just pull yourself together!’.


Have you been having trouble sleeping at night, tossing and turning, things going round and round in your mind? Are you worried about something? Has something been happening at work? Are you having trouble in your relationship? Are you struggling with domestic violence, and don’t know where to turn to for help? Do you have depression or anxiety? There is light at the end of the tunnel. Things will, and can get better. Although it may not seem that way right now.  

So who can you turn to when you need help? You need someone to talk to, a professional, who will help. Counselling is that avenue of help. You will be seen by a trained counsellor, who would have had rigorous training, to gain the qualifications needed to be a counsellor. How will they be able to help? They will sit with you once a week, for 50 minutes. You will talk about the difficulties you are currently facing. The counsellor will work through the difficulties with you at your own pace. Finding a counsellor isn’t as difficult as you might think. You can find a counsellor in your area, who will be able to tell you their availability. You will discuss your availability, and make an appointment. Once you’ve had your first session, you can decide if you would like to book more sessions. The subsequent sessions will be at the same time, and day every week. Sessions can be available during the day, and evenings. Everything you speak about with your counsellor is completely confidential. Counselling can be face to face, by email, or via Skype or Facetime. Each counsellor will be able to tell avenues of communication they offer.


Counselling can be the start of your Autumnal change. Shed what has been bothering you and start feeling better and more positive about life.

Self Harm

There seems to have been a lot written about self-harm in the media of late. 1st March was Self-harm Awareness Day. Different charities and organisations came together to support one another. These charities support those who self-harm and their families, loved ones and friends.

 What is self-harm, and what causes it?

  • Bulimia and anorexia
  • Cutting or slicing ones wrists, thighs and arms, but can include any part of the body.
  • Alcohol addiction.
  • Drug addiction, which can include illegal drugs.

Self-harming can be a release from internal pain that the person is feeling. They may feel they have no outlet, and that self-harming is a way to relieve their feelings. It can mean they have such a lot of emotional pain, they don’t know how else to relieve it.

 Those that self-harm can be suffering from:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Lack of self-esteem and loneliness. 
  • Abusive childhoods.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Rape.

Self-harm is often done in secret, and harmers go to great lengths to hide their actions. Some wear long sleeved clothes to hide the cuts on their arms. Others wear long skirts or long trousers to hide cuts on their legs.

Those who drink alcohol to excess will often drink in secret, and often hide empty bottles around the house, to be disposed of outside. They might chew gum to disguise the smell of alcohol, or use mouthwash. To hide the excessive drinking, they will drink maybe one or two drinks, and comment on how quickly the alcohol has affected them.

Those suffering with eating disorders, will eat a meal, and go to the bathroom to vomit afterwards. Or say they have already eaten to hide the fact they are not eating much.

Some self-harmers have said that when they cut themselves they can feel the pain, and it helps with the internal pain they are suffering. Others have said it feels like a release of pain, making them feel euphoric and in control of their life, when everything else seems uncontrollable.

There can be a belief that self-harmers, particularly those that cut their skin, are attention seeking. This is not always the case, and for those that are judged in this way, it can be extremely hurtful to be thought of in that way. Some people that self-harm worry they will be judged as crazy, and worry they will be placed in a mental health unit or sectioned.

The anxiety that self-harm can often bring strong feelings of anxiety, worthlessness and in some cases thoughts of suicide. It can just all seem too much, and that there is no way out. Who can help? Who will understand, and not judge?

Some self-harmers start writing blogs online, and find they gain support and understanding from fellow harmers. Other self-harmers contact charities or organisations supporting self-harm, and gain support. There has been some criticism of these blogs as some say it can glorify self-harming. But, most self-harmers express how much support they gain, and the feeling they are not alone.

Counselling can help those that self-harm. Working through the causes of self-harm, can really help.  You’ll be able to work through at a pace that suits you, why you self-harm, and help you to come to terms with any issues that are affecting you, and maybe causing you to self-harm.